Simple knowledge management for teams

Easy to use documentation platform and knowledge base with real-time collaborative editing.

What is Teamemo?

Teamemo offers a workspace to store all your information and data in one central location and to link them with each other.

Use Teamemo as a knowledge database

Teamemo is the ideal platform to keep your knowledge fast, easy and accessible for you and your team.

Promote productivity through a central knowledge repository and never again waste time gathering information.

Teamemo as a project management tool

Manage your projects and tasks with Teamemo. Create task lists for your projects and distribute them to you and your colleagues.

Document projects directly at the right place and share your always up-to-date digital documentation with your customers.

Creation and administration of databases with Teamemo

You know your data best. Define your database layout and store your data structured.

Customize the Teamemo interface to your needs and create user-defined queries on your data.

Simple and flexible document filing with Teamemo

Deposit your documents directly where they are needed.

So you always have the right version of the document available and don’t have to search for it first.

Teams Teamemo

Preserve your knowledge

Digital at one central place

Teamemo is the best platform to easily preserve your knowledge accessible for your whole team.

Get more productive with a central knowledge base and never waste time again collecting and searching for information.

First class teamwork

With realtime-synchronisation

Write with a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Editor directly in your browser.

No need for special skills or training.

Documentation accessible for everyone.

Simple and easy usage

Thanks to an innovative WYSIWYG Editor

Write with a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Editor directly in your browser.

No need for special skills or training.

Documentation accessible for everyone.

Powerful tools for professionals

But not only for professionals

With innovative tools like our Quickbox you can complete your tasks quickly and easily. With the Quickbox, many actions can be performed directly by keyboard input.

This leaves more time for the essential things.

Who should use?


Collect your ideas and findings in your personal wikis. Plan your vacation or next do it yourself project. Share your thoughts with your family and friends.


Build up a central knowledge base with your community. A community wiki is the simplest way for share How-to’s, Tutorials and Documentation in one central place.


The knowledge of your team members is most important. Connect your team with a business wiki to conserve your knowledge and make important information easy to find and always accessible.

Why Teamemo?

Made in Germany

German Privacy

The strict german privacy law is applied. Your data is processed and saved in german data centers.

No information will be transferred in other countries or third parties.

No setup

Hosting inclusive

Teamemo is fully hosted by our own infrastructure. Only a browser is needed for usage.

There are no additional costs for setup, hosting or maintenance.

Ease of use

No training required

Thanks to its easy to use user interface, Teamemo is usable without training for non computer experts.


Data Encryption

All Information is encrypted before transfared between Teamemo and you. We audit our infrastructure for strong security standards on a regular base.