Teamemo has a lot of great features that make your life easier and your knowledge sustainable.

Collect the Knowledge of your whole Team

Teamemo offers a central store for documents, project and customer information.

Don’t loose knowledge

Use Teamemo in a meeting, to brainstorm or to plan your next steps. You can write with your team members on the same document at the same time.

Discuss and comment

Create comments to specific excerpts and propose changes or ask questions.

Preserve the author

Teamemo keeps the author of every written word. Therefore, the author can be found easily.

Import and export

Import your existing MediaWiki into Teamemo. Also, you can export the whole wiki or certain pages to read them later or print them.

Link information

You can easily link documents together.


Mention members to notify them.

Mark important documents

Create a collection of your personal most important documents.

Hierachical Organization

Categorize your documents in a tree like structure

Search and find

Search your wiki for information


Use the Teamemo API to integrate the wiki into your existing wiki.